Life Coaching & Mentoring


“I am walking on air! I am so pleased with my results. Kathy has helped me to feel amazing and I am so surprised at how good I feel about myself.  My confidence has soared, I am focused and back in control of my life.”  

– Katie, aged 38, Poole, Dorset.

The Power of Life Coaching is life changing! Are you ready for change?  Do you have a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt?


Are you living the life you desire? Are you fulfilling your ambitions? Are you enjoying your day to day life? Do you have a positive mindset and experience the benefits of healthy habits, a good work/life balance and meaning in your life? Do you like yourself, implement healthy self care routines and feel good about who you are? Are you motivated and on track to achieve your short and long term goals?


I can guide you so that you flourish and improve your quality of life. I’ll be your greatest cheerleader.


Let me be a facilitator and help you to become the person you long to be! It can be difficult to see past your hurdles, unwanted habits and negative mind-sets when you feel stuck in a rut. Together, we will work out a strategy that will suit your lifestyle and motivate you to achieve your goals step by step and discover your destiny.

I work alongside clients who are looking to connect with their true selves whilst increasing self awareness, skills and talents which ultimately leads to greater fulfilment, all round happiness and satisfaction.


The coaching process is generally a short to mid term relationship. It tends to be future-oriented and proactive. Each session will last for 50 minutes online or at my location. At first, your sessions might be more frequent as I get to know you. After some initial progress has been made, sessions will be less frequent. I will support you through the change process, offer you accountability and unbiased feedback.


I adopt a holistic person centred approach and offer you a safe, confidential space where you can explore the challenges you feel in your present day to day life. I will use my varied skills, mindfulness and experience to help you develop self awareness, insight and you will feel empowered to take new steps forward. You can use these lasting skills and techniques in your everyday life long after we finish our coaching relationship.

How can I help?

“We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses” - Alphonse Karr