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Instant top-page results to direct traffic to your products and services

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By focusing on demographics, interests and behaviors, we strategically position your brand to maximise engagement and conversion rates

5 out of 5 - based on certified Google reviews

The benefits


Instant Traffic

Paid search provides the quickest way to drive traffic to your website, with ads going live within hours and attracting visitors as soon as they are clicked.


Top-of-Page Results

Secure a spot at the very top of search engine results, placing your brand directly in front of potential customers the moment they start their search journey.


Brand Awareness

Increase the visibility of your brand with ads that appear prominently in search results, helping to keep your business top-of-mind among your target audience.

The process


We begin by developing a tailored PPC strategy that aligns with your business goals, focusing on keywords and audience targeting to ensure optimal placement and results.


Our campaigns are designed to attract high-quality traffic to your site, using well-crafted ads that encourage clicks from interested users.


We continuously optimise our campaigns to convert visits into sales, refining our approach based on performance data to maximise return on investment.


We implement rigorous monitoring and adjustment protocols to protect your budget, ensuring your ads are cost-effective and deliver the best possible results.

PPC that delivers

Targeted and result-oriented PPC campaigns that bring measurable returns on your investment.

Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth keyword research to find the most effective phrases that attract the right audience to your products or services.

Budget Management

We consistently analyse and manage campaigns to ensure no irrelevant keywords are using up your budgets.


Monitor campaign performance continuously, making necessary adjustments to optimise spending and improve results.

Ad Copy Optimisation

Craft compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience, designed to increase clicks and conversions.

Case studies

Abbey Garage Doors

Web Design, SEO

Tile Paint

Web Design, SEO

Local PPC

Target your ads to local customers with pinpoint accuracy. Our Local PPC strategies focus on geo-targeting and local search keywords to drive foot traffic and local online visits directly to your business.

eCommerce PPC

Boost your online store’s visibility and sales with specialised eCommerce PPC campaigns. We optimise product listings and ads to attract shoppers and convert clicks into purchases, maximising your ROI.

Google & Bing Ads

Leverage the power of both Google and Bing to reach a wider audience. Our campaigns are tailored to utilise the strengths of each platform, ensuring your ads are seen by a broad yet targeted demographic.

Google Shopping

Enhance your product visibility with Google Shopping ads. We create campaigns that showcase your products directly in Google search results, making it easier for buyers to make quick, informed purchasing decisions.

All aspects covered

Our comprehensive PPC services ensure that every angle of your paid advertising strategy is managed for optimal impact and efficiency.

Consistently building long-term relationships with our customers

5 out of 5 - based on our certified Google reviews

"Bubblefish have turned our online enquiries around, we are really impressed and would definitely recommend."
Duxbury Builders
"Since ranking on the first page for national search terms, we've seen a huge increase in sales month on month."
Managing Director
"Thanks to Bubblefish, our PPC campaigns have been exceptionally successful, boosting our leads significantly."
Adlington Electrical

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